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Grand Canyon Trust Volunteers, a program to help restore ecological and archeological resources on eh Colorado Plateau
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Grand Canyon Volunteers : Connect, discover, conserve, restore






Volunteer to restore Native American ecological and archeological resources
Help restore riparian habitat along the Paria River canyon

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Here's what our volunteers are saying:

About the education on volunteer trips:

"This was a perfect combination of skill development and education. Now I can effectively help prevent the spread of two major invasive weed species and one less invasive by being able to identify and properly remove them. Thanks again GCT."

“I was never aware of invasive species and the negative impact it has on the diversity in nature.”

“The understanding of the multiple agencies and institutions that have an interest in water conditions was very instructive.”

“I really enjoyed learning how different groups and institutions have to work together to achieve common goals.”

“The synergy with the National Park Service was valuable to see a broader picture of the issues on the Colorado Plateau.”

“I learned so much just in these past few days than I’ve learned all semester.   Getting out there and using your hands instead of just sitting in a classroom helps us to embrace the reality of how important preserving a beautiful place like this really is.”

“I had some prior knowledge of the threat to springs in the Grand Canyon from proposed uranium mining, but the trip really drove the importance of these issues home.”

“Each project we engaged in we were educated about beforehand, during and after.  It helped us to create the link between education and our service.  We were able to understand how our projects positively affect the rest of the program, specifically the Kane Ranch.”

“I learned more about interagency cooperation, interesting points about how sportsmen’s lust for mule deer actually facilitates increasing interest in biodiversity.  I understand this was an experimental treatment and will be interested to see if it takes. If it doesn’t, I still feel that knowing this won’t work will advance techniques that will.”

“It was very interesting learning how to measure vegetation in various plots around the Kaibab Plateau and then recording that data and understanding how it is used.”

About the experience of volunteering:

“GCT does excellent work on a broad range of issues. I am particularly pleased to see their volunteer program developing into such a vital part of the organization, as it has the potential to deeply connect individuals to the mission through experiential learning, long-lasting social connections, and a greater sense of purpose and drive. In my first volunteer experience with GCT just a couple of weeks ago, I found they do an excellent job in coordinating efforts and making volunteers feel valued. And it was just plain fun!”

“I will remember these five days and every person…for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making it so easy to be of service.”

“Volunteering has never been so fun before. It was mostly because I understood the difference I was making and the people I got to know were so great.”

“Thanks for the wonderful opportunity which I will cherish, and I will take these experience to my home in India.”

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity that will never be forgotten. Meeting new people, exploring the Grand Canyon, going through white-water in rafts, camping on the Rim of the Grand Canyon and along the Colorado River are all memories I shall keep forever and that I will share with others daily. While on this trip, I also learned about invasive species, working with people, the importance of being independent, and teamwork. Thank you for all your hard work in making this trip possible. This summer was truly a summer opportunity of a lifetime!”

“Collecting seed made me feel like I was actually really helping the environment and it felt amazing after is was all done!”

“I clearly understand that the work put into this project is for something so much larger than myself.”

About the quality of leadership:

“The presentations provided and the leader’s knowledge were great.  I want to go tell everyone I know about what I’ve learned.”

“There were several stressful situations that leaders always managed with great spirit and unwavering enthusiasm.  I was really impressed by the leaders handling of the medical emergency on the trip.  It made me feel very confident that I’m in good hands should a calamity befall me.”

“It was such a phenomenal experience.  The Trust does great work and my leaders made our involvement fun as well as instructive.”

"A+ to the three young leaders who were very professional, patient, and tolerant of the Old Folks'"

“Everyone who works here is so passionate about their jobs, and they really passed that passion on to make me not only aware of the work of the project but also to really care.”

“This is an amazing organization. It is a wonderful experience for volunteers to learn about the landscape and the human impacts to our environment in a hands-on atmosphere. The people who work with the Grand Canyon Trust are passionate about their work and they love what they do. With more funding, this organization could really work wonders for the land on the Kaibab Plateau and raise awareness about land preservation.”

“The bite on my shoulder is doing great and it is because you guys were willing to leave the South Canyon for me!”

“You could tell our leader loved her job and it was so great to be with her when she got excited.  She was very helpful and enthusiastic the whole time.”

Volunteer now and help restore lands on the Colorado Plateau

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